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Assignment Task

Question 1


A publishing company is transitioning from a print-centric to a digital-centric business model. This transformation requires a strategic redesign of the organization's operating model, governance, processes, and culture.


Your task is to develop an approach note/ proposal that outlines how you would assist the organisation in this transformation.

Your assessment should focus on the following areas and include specific tools and methodologies and templates(where applicable) for each:

Vision Creation for Organisation Redesign project:

  • Describe the steps involved in creating a vision for the organisation’s digital future.
  • Suggest specific tools or methods (e.g., visioning workshops, SWOT analysis) for facilitating this process.

Governance Structure Review:

  • Outline an approach to evaluate and redesign the governance structure for a digital-first approach.
  • Identify tools or frameworks (e.g., RACI matrix, governance maturity models) that can be used in this review.

Process Review and Redesign for a Specific Team:

  • Choose a specific team (e.g., content creation, distribution) and propose a process review strategy.
  • List the tools or techniques (e.g., process mapping, Lean methodologies) you would use.
  • Detail how these tools help in optimizing processes for digital efficiency and effectiveness.

Cultural Change Facilitation:

  • Discuss how you would identify cultural shifts needed for this change
  • Suggest tools or methods (e.g., cultural assessments, surveys or interviews) to facilitate this change.
  • Describe how these tools can be used to assess, monitor, and encourage a culture conducive to digital innovation.

Question 2


Reflect on the concepts of transformational change and organizational development, integrating your personal experiences and observations to provide a unique perspective.


Write a concise, insightful article that explores your perspective on transformational change and organizational development, emphasizing personal experiences and observations.

Personal Experience with Transformational Change:

  • Share personal experiences or observations related to transformational change in organizations.
  • Reflect on how these experiences have influenced your understanding of effective organizational development strategies.

Insights on Organizational Development:

  • Discuss key principles or strategies of organizational development you have witnessed or foresee as crucial, using personal insights to support your observations.
  • Explain how these strategies facilitate transformational change within organizations.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Reflect on specific challenges and opportunities you've observed or experienced in implementing transformational change and organizational development strategies.
  • Provide your perspective on how these challenges could be addressed and what opportunities they might present for organizations.

Future Predictions Based on Personal Insights:

  • Offer predictions about the future directions of transformational change and organizational development, grounded in your personal experiences and observations.
  • Discuss anticipated changes in organizational strategies, leadership approaches, and workforce dynamics.

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