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Assignment Task


1. A French luxury-goods conglomerate that designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewellery, leather goods, and watches has an extensive set of internal training programmes, each of which is formally assessed. The company wants to reduce the size of the overall training budget using e-learning but is concerned as to whether it will affect customer service and the staff learning and morale using this mechanism.

Depending on your personal area of interest, develop a research problem with a handful of variables from the above-mentioned broad topic, and formulate it into a set of interesting research questions (of your choice). [top tip - keep this quite simple. For example, what type of learning tools and approaches creates more satisfied employees? How will this approach affect customer service, Financial or non-financial benefits for staff and the company (e.g. staff engagement, cost of eLearning, time away from workplace etc)?

2. Conduct a focused review of the literature concerning the topic, in line with these research questions, and use it to produce a visual model that could be tested.

3. As discussed in the session, clearly stipulate what your hypotheses might be. You only need to state the ‘alternative’ hypotheses.

4. With your topic and model in mind, identify and then justify your chosen research methodology (i.e. qualitative versus quantitative, but also experiments versus questionnaires).

5. Design an appropriate questionnaire (approx two sides) to address the research questions and discuss the factors that have been deliberately considered while designing the questionnaire to ensure that reliability and validity are the best they can be.

6. There is no data collection required, however, the student might wish to suggest (briefly) some of the steps that will be taken once the data is collected.

7. Describe any of the possible limitations of your study.

8. Outline any possible ethical concerns that will be managed throughout the research.

9. Cite the full bibliographic references that you have cited in your research proposal using APA 6th edition and order them alphabetically.

10. Include a table of contents.

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