Country : Australia

Task:  Presenting an argument written - point of view about AFL addressing racism more.

A. Introduction
You must hook your audience with an anecdote, a story, a quote, a shocking statistic, an analogy or image etc.
The following information should be incorporated in an engaging fashion:

  • What is the issue?
  • Why is it important/ controversial / interesting?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Where/when has it been debated?
  • Your stance on the issue
  • An overview of the key ideas in your argument

B. Body

  • All arguments need to have a well-structured lined of argument. This should consist of 3-4 key ideas that will be logically and persuasively developed. Consider the order of your arguments when planning your structure.
  • You need at least one counter argument / rebuttal that you will acknowledge and rebut. Rebuttals are very important in argument because they identify and expose the weaknesses in the opposition's ideas. You can devote a section of your speech to rebuttal or you can weave rebuttal into the points that you make throughout your speech.
  • It is important that you signpost where one idea ends and the next begins to make your argument clear for the audience. (See below)
  • Try to link your ideas cohesively and explicitly.
  • Effective way of structuring a key idea
  • Argument-Clearly give one of your sub arguments that support your stance.
  • Evidence- Provide something to strengthen your argument- Quote from expert/statistical figure, graph, chart/photograph/Anecdote
  • Persuade- With each argument and evidence always use a persuasive technique to persuade the audience to agree with your stance: rhetorical question/emotive appeal/repetition/pun/reason and logic/inclusive language/appeals...paternal instincts, sense of justice, loyalty, patriotism, fear or insecurity, common sense.
  • Effective way of structuring a rebuttal
  • Pick out a well-known opposing argument against your stance and state it briefly using a dismissive tone. Evidence- provide evidence that casts doubt or disproves this argument
  • Persuade- include persuasive techniques like: ridicule/sarcasm/common sense/reason and logic.

C. Conclusion
This is your final word on the issue so ensure that your speech ends with a bang - not a fizzle!
Aim for a strong, confident note that leaves little room for disagreement.

  • Emotive reminder of main contention
  • Plea to the audience that empowers them to take action in support of your stance
  • Final emotive hook (similar to introduction)
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