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Consider an operating system's State Model of Process Execution, as introduced in Lecture . New processes are admitted to the system and are immediately marked as Ready to run. Each process executes, in turn, until it:

  • Completes its execution (at which time the process Exits),
  • Executes for a finite time-quantum (after which the process is marked as Ready and is queued until it can run again),
  • Requests to read or write from an I/O device (at which time the process is marked as Blocked and queued until its I/O request is satisfied),
  • Sleeps for a requested time (at which time the process is marked as Blocked until the requested time elapses), or
  • Waits for all processes that it has spawned to terminate (at which time the process is marked as Blocked until the other processes terminate).

We'll consider a simplified operating system in which only a single process occupies the single CPU at any one time.

The CPU has a clock speed of 2GHz, enabling it to execute two-billion instructions per second. We do not need to consider the speed of accessing RAM.

The CPU is connected to a number of input/output (I/O) devices of differing speeds, using a single high-speed data-bus. Only a single process can use the data-bus at any one time.

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