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Marisa M. aged 67 years was admitted by ambulance to Wellview Hospital on 10 May, 2023 after she experienced a sudden onset of right sided weakness and difficulty speaking, at home. Her CT scan identified a L middle cerebral artery infarct involving the fronto-parietal area. She was referred to speech pathology where initial assessment identified a moderate non-fluent aphasia and dysarthria. Marisa was referred for outpatient speech pathology services Case History Marisa attended the outpatient assessment with her husband, Richard, aged 74 years and they provided the following during the case interview:

  • Marisa has made consistent improvements since her admission.
  • She continues to experience right upper limb weakness impacting use of her right hand for fine motor control tasks. She also has mild weakness in her right lower limb and mobilises with a stick.
  • Marisa has a history of depression and anxiety which she managed with medication.
  • Marisa lives with her husband, Richard.
  • They recently downsized and moved to Wellview to be closer to their daughter and two school-aged grandchildren.
  • Marisa and Richard retired from full time employment two years ago. Both were teachers.
  • They enjoy walking their dogs, watching crime shows and planned to take overseas travel experiences post-retirement to Europe.
  • Marisa reported difficulties with finding the right words. Richard noted that she struggles to put a sentence together and that speaking becomes frustrating for Marisa so she is much quieter in any speaking situations where there are a group of people.
  • Marisa and Richard reported that her speech sounds a bit ‘slurred’ when she is tired or upset but it is generally clear enough to be understood by her family. Richard added that Marisa is very aware of a ‘droop’ affecting her lip.
  • Richard explained that he tries to help Marisa by filling in words when she “gets stuck” and this sometimes works.
  • Marisa stated that her main goals are to produce “more words” and to “talk like myself, not stopping”. Richard added that they both wanted to start enjoying life again.
  • Richard drives and states that he is willing to support his wife in therapy. Their daughter is also supportive but works fulltime and is busy with her caring responsibilities.
  • Marisa and Richard express disappointment that she has been waiting for outpatient therapy. They are motivated to begin speech pathology as soon as possible.

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