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Subject Code : NUR5004
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Assignment Task

Structured Handover

Structured handover refers to the use of a standardized and structured framework for successfully delivering crucial information regarding the patient when transitioning care between healthcare providers (Burgess et al., 2020). Structured frameworks, such as ISBAR (Identification-Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation), enable cue-based mnemonics to express key details succinctly (Pun, 2023). An effective structured handover in healthcare should begin with the identification of the patient and healthcare team followed by current clinical condition of the patient, patient’s past medical history, summary of care goals and information about patient’s situation and background (Burgess et al., 2020). It should then include a systematic, head-to-toe review of the patient, recent vital signs, physical assessments, medications, and other essential clinical data like recommended list of any outstanding duties, investigations, or nursing care that needs to be completed (Pun, 2023). Structured handover enables nurses to prove quality care for the patient which enhances patient safety.

Closed Loop Communication

Closed-loop communication provides a feedback loop where the recipient repeat or read back the details and the sender follows up to confirm the message was properly understood that is closing the loop (El-Shafy et al., 2018). It can be said that this closed-loop validation helps ensure important clinical information like orders, patient updates, or care directives are communicated completely and correctly between nurses and other interprofessional team (Salik & Ashurst, 2019). In healthcare settings, closed-loop communication plays a vital role in preventing misunderstandings and errors that can arise due to incomplete or inaccurate transmission of information (El-Shafy et al., 2018). It is considered a best practice for improving clinical workflow, patient outcomes, and safety.

Role Allocation

Role allocation entails the clear assignment and understanding of responsibilities among members within an interprofessional team (Hudson et al., 2017). Open communication between nurses, physicians, and other health care providers is required for effective role allocation which will enable them to work as a team for successful interprofessional collaboration (Hudson et al). Clearly defining roles and responsibilities promotes efficient workflows, minimizes duplication, or gaps in care, and maximizes each provider's knowledge. From the works of Shahrour & Dardas (2020) consistent role allocation boosts team efficiency, lowers errors, and improves patient outcomes. When admitting or transferring patients between healthcare teams, strategies such as role assignment checklists could be used (De Baetselier et al., 2022). Nursing teams should discuss role allocation during meetings or handoffs, clearly designating responsibilities for medication administration, wound care procedures, patient/family communication, documentation in the medical record, and other specific care tasks and needs.

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