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Assignment Task

Students will nominate a community organisation where they will volunteer to assist on a weekly basis. Over the course of the year students will work individually and as members of a class group to develop an understanding of the structure and operation of each organisation, the legal, educational and professional requirements of working in such organisations, any occupation, health and safety requirements for working in these organisations and the personal qualities looked for in candidates employed by the organisations.Students analyse their initial performance in their volunteering role, reflect on their improvement over the year and evaluate the difference their role has made to individuals and the organisation.
In view of the Covid-19 situation, students who have suitable experience may choose to use previous volunteering experience to fulfil this task.
Assessment Description 
1. Choose a health-related organisation to volunteer for. 

2. Contact the organisation and arrange to volunteer with them. This may involve an application process involving referees, so make sure you have such people organised.

3. As you do voluntary work with the organisation, make notes about things like any certificates, qualifications or checks that may be necessary to work with them.

4. Keep a regular database record of the sorts of work you do, the challenges you face and ways you find to overcome any challenges.

5. Write a final report/evaluation about:

• The knowledge and understanding of what working in the health sector means;
• Your volunteeringexperience;
• The difference you have made to others and the organisation;
• What you have learnt about yourself as a learner, using feedback from others and self-assessment;
• And how you have developed your chosen capability.
Assessment Conditions 
Collection of evidence of your volunteering role (can be video, photos, certificates, log books, peer/teacher/mentor/self-reflections)
Final written evaluation (individual submission approx. 500 words) or 3.5 minute oral discussion (must be recorded – video or audio)
The specific features being assessed are: 
Application and Understanding
AU1 Understanding and development of knowledge, concepts, and skills in relation to the program focus.
AU2 Application of a range of knowledge, concepts, and/or skills for a purpose.
AU3 Development and application of a chosen capabilityor chosen capabilities
Inquiry, Analysis and Evaluation
IAE1 Exploration of relevant information, concepts and ideas, using a variety of sources.
IAE3 Evaluation of the student’s own learning through self-assessment and feedback from others
Communication and Collaboration
CC1 Collaboration with others


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