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Module 01 – Living in Capitalist Societies
• What is monopoly capitalism?
• What is corporate concentration?
• How is John D. Rockefeller an example of monopoly capitalism and corporate concentration?
• What is a horizontal merger?
• What is a vertical merger?
• What is a conglomeration?
• What is a transnational/multinational corporation?
• What is the contradiction between social production and private ownership?
• What is Trickle Down theory?
• How is the function of ownership separated from the function of management?
• What is the crisis of overproduction?
• What is the flexible economy?
• What is the restructuring of work?
• What is the reserve army of labour?
• What types of workers are located in the reserve army of labour?
• What is Taylorism?
• What is Fordism?
• What is deskilling?
• What is worker alienation?

Module 02 – The Social Construction of Ideas and Knowledge
• What is an ideology?
• What is liberal ideology?
• What is hegemony?
• What are the principles of liberal ideology?
• What was the importance of the printing press?
• What did McLuhan argue?
• What are Marxist critiques of the role of the media?
• What is convergence?
• What is the role of advertising?
• What is the role of the CRTC?
• What is the myth of objectivity?
• Why was public schooling established?
• What does it mean to be a “good worker”?
• What do structural functionalists argue about the education system?
• What do Marxists argue about the education system?

Module 03 – Neoliberalism, Globalization and the Role of the State
• What is the state?
• What was the role of the state in feudal societies?
• What is the role of the state in capitalist societies?
• What do pluralists argue about the role of the state?
• What do Marxists argue about the role of the state?
• What is the public sector?
• What is the private sector?
• What are lobby groups?
• What is democracy?
• What is direct democracy?
• Who has historically been denied democratic rights in Canada?
• What is the purpose of the tax system?
• What are progressive taxes?
• What are regressive taxes?
• What is the welfare state?
• What is Keynesian economics?


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