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Nursing Essay Writing Assignment:

Task: Write an essay that compares and contrasts some of the features of Australia’s health care system, with those of a different country’s health care system. The essay must address the following points: 1. Discuss the overall structure of the Australian health care system compared to the other country’s health care system. 2. Examine the funding models for both health care systems; reviewing the roles and contributions of the government, private insurance companies and the individual. 3. Compare and contrast the health outcomes of each health care system to global averages. 4. Identify health care policies and the social impact of health care delivery to Indigenous populations or minorities groups within each country. 5. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both health care systems. 6. Outline one primary health care, a preventative health care program or a health promotion program that highlights the Australian health care system.

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  • Posted on : January 15th, 2018

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