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Subject Code : FN7226
Country : Nigeria

Assignment Task

Provide a critical reflection on what you learned during the first 5 weeks of the module about the global environment of business. More specifically reflect on what you learned about the global environment of business and the nature of multinational corporations and what you learned about how macroeconomic conditions and global financial conditions are impacting multinationals’ decisions to expand their business and invest in new national markets.

For completing this task successfully, you must summarise all the academic knowledge you receive from the module’s content and the professional benefits you received while studying global business conditions during the first 5 weeks of the module. You should also reflect upon the formative tasks (discussion forums, quizzes, and individual tasks) of the first 5 weeks of the module. For this task, you should make effective use of academic literature and provide relevant examples of existing organisations and real cases within the global business environment related . Also, when appropriate, you should reflect on your own professional practice.

You can approach your reflective paper by answering the following questions:

1. What did I expect to learn?

2. What did I learn?

3. How can I evaluate global business and economic and financial conditions differently as a result of my learning?

4. What else do I need/want to learn?

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