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Subject Code : EE105
Country : Australia

Assignment Task


A microphone has a peak open circuit voltage of 1mVpk with an output resistance of 10k. Design an amplifier to allow this microphone to drive a 152 speaker in such a way that the magnitude of the gain-bandwidth product is maximized. The gain bandwidth product is determined as G-BW=A, (f-f1).

  1. The following constraints are placed on your design.

  2. The circuit is to be biased from a +12/-12V DC power supply.

  3. The circuit should produce no clipping or distortion in the output voltage waveform when the input voltage is at its maximum value (1mVpk). You can only use three transistors (and should use all three transistors). You have one each of the following: NPN transistor 2N3904, PNP transistor 2N3906, and a p-channel JFET 2N5460. Data sheets are available for each of these devices on the Canvas website.

As part of the design process, you should simulate your circuit and confirm its operation in LTspice. Your final report should contain the following;

  1. A complete circuit diagram for your circuit.

  2. Manual bias calculations showing all terminal voltages and collector (drain) current for each transistor.

  3. Manual gain calculations. This should be presented as small signal input resistance, output resistance, and gain calculations for the individual stages and then a total gain calculation (that includes source and load resistances).

  4. Manual bandwidth calculations. If there is a single stage that determines the high frequency cut-off of the circuit then you need only include calculations for it and not all transistors.

  5. A simulation output that shows the input and output voltage waveforms demonstrates that the output waveform remains undistorted for the maximum input voltage.

  6. A simulation output showing the frequency response of the output waveform.

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