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Assignment Task

3D Typography

(1) keyword from any of the ten (10) guiding principles in your design manifesto to take forward for this task, for example, (but not limited to): minimalism, balance or purity. Then, physically construct a 3D capital letter version of your chosen keyword, ensuring that the creation of the keyword reflects the meaning of the keyword.
The letters could be constructed out of wire, wood, cardboard, plastic or some other sculptural material. You may not use found objects, as they are, to represent each letter. Instead, you can use found objects as your construction frame, i.e., to construct your physical 3D letters with. You can apply texture (created from found materials) and / or colour to apply to the surfaces of the letterforms if you think this will enhance their metaphoric meaning.

As you physically construct your 3D keyword, reflect on which aspects of the 3D vocabulary you are using in your work. Think about whether volume, mass, the outer edges (line), or negative and positive shapes are significant. Document the physical construction and creative process by including photographs in your coursework PDF sketchbook.
Consider your keywords presentation and photograph your keyword from more than one (1+) angle to showcase these full 3D form. Experiment with different scenarios and end photographic locations before settling on the final idea, end scenario and location.

Design Manifesto

Design a design manifesto that sets out your personal design values and creative goals and publish it. The design manifesto should include a set of ten (10) succinctly formulated guiding principles. The relationship between content (text) and visual design must be carefully considered, the content (text) and visual design should complement each other in a meaningful way. The final four (4) page layout of the design manifesto, content (text) and the final publication location must be considered and justified.

Concrete Poetry
To start this task, conduct in-depth research into famous quotes said by the teachers and students from the Bauhaus School. A good example is Wassily Kandinskys quote, Colour is a power which directly influences the soul and quot. Consider and then choose your favourite quote and create two (2) concrete poems using only the text from the quote repeatedly (repeating the quote is optional). All visual content should be created out of type (with no drawn outlines or graphic shapes).
1. Typography shaped as a figurative image that links to your chosen; in an iconic way (e.g., a heart or figure outline to symbolise the soul).
2. Typography shaped as abstract (i.e., non-figurative) visual patterns and textures through repetition of words or sentences that relate to your chosen; You may take inspiration from abstract Bauhaus designs, for example, (but not limited to): posters, paintings and weavings.

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