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Assignment Task


The aim of this assignment is to help students to develop the alternative and complementary skills in Leading and Managing Organisational Change. In contrast to Assignment.

  • Collaborate in a team to produce the work for this assessment.

  • Select an organisation which none of the members of the team were directly involved in that organisation.



  1. Assignment task For this assignment, your Team will firstly select a company that is publicly well known that has recently undergone a transformational (major change). Your team must select an organisation that interests you and whose information is publicly available on the internet. It is recommended that you select an organisation which is publicly listed and whose Annual Report and other sources of information is readily available on the www. Please note that you are not to contact the organisation directly.

  2. Your research should draw from multiple sources of information to enable you to apply critical thinking of the multiple perspectives of the situation and facts. Drawing on your knowledge of organisational change management,

  3. You are to undertake a thorough critical evaluation of the change and write a report with appropriate recommendations to the organisation’s Board of Management. While your team will act as an external Change Consultant in a hypothetical sense, the organisation and the information associated with the organisation must be real. In addition to the report, your team is required to produce a set of PowerPoint slides that might hypothetically be used to accompany a presentation to the senior management of the organisation.


  1. Was the change warranted and does the reason for change have merit?

  2. What were the drivers for chang Conduct diagnostic analysis to evaluate whether the organisational change was necessary in the light of its external and internal environmental conditions?

  3. In what way does the change connect to the organisation’s expressed vision and mission?

  4. Who are the key stakeholders of the organisation connected to the change?

  5. How well and by what method was the change communicated to stakeholders?

  6. What process was followed in conceiving, planning and implementing the change? 

  7. What challenges or obstacles were met during the process of implementing change and how was it or could it have been solved?

  8. Was the change successfully embedded and sustained?

  9. What lessons in managing organisational change and recommendations might you give the leadership of the organisation?


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