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Subject Code : BSBHRM521
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Assignment Task 

Assessment overview

The aim of this assessment is to assess your skills in developing and facilitating the implementation of performance development processes and to coordinate individual or group learning and development to encourage effective employee performance.


  1. What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?

  2. What do I need to provide?


1. As part of this task, you need to develop a report that:

  • Analysis of the current performance development processes at Gelos and the need for revision of performance development processes.
  • Draft objectives for performance development processes within Gelos.
  • Identify the current Policies that need to be reviewed.
  • Identify the current Processes that need to be reviewed.

2. Now that you have provided your analysis of our current performance development process. You are required to amend the current Performance Management Policy and Procedures to address the following:

  • How to use SMART goals to set KPIs for staff performance.
  • Timelines relating to formal staff performance reviews.
  • Update the Policies and Procedures to cover coaching.
  • Update the Policies and Procedures to cover rewarding staff.
  • Update the Policies and Procedures to cover internal staff grievances within the performance development process.
  • Update the Policies and Procedures to cover contractors.

3. You must conduct a consultation session with at least three other people who will act as managers for the various departments at Gelos. The purpose of the consultation will be to gain their feedback and support for your recommended changes to the Gelos performance management policies and procedures. You will need to arrange to record the consultation session so the file can be submitted for review by your assessor.

During the consultation session, you should:

  1. Provide an overview of your proposed changes to the relevant Gelos policies and procedures:
  • Outline the role of the performance development process steps of Planning, Coaching, Reviewing and Rewarding in performance development.
  1. Seek input from stakeholders relating to:
  • The use SMART goals to develop KPI.
  • Include organizational timelines for the four stages of Performance Development.
  • Update information relating to coaching.
  • Update information relating to rewarding staff.
  • Update information relating to grievance procedures.
  • Update information relating to full-time, part-time, casual, and contract staff.

3. You are to lead the stakeholder consultation with a representation of the organization’s managers, Adrian Russo, Elliot Jacobs and May Lee.

During the consultation session, your assessor will be looking to see that you can demonstrate the following:

  • Verbally lead the consultation session communicating changes to the Performance Management Policy & Procedures using appropriate verbal conventions and protocols.
  • Utilize listening skills to receive feedback on what you have presented and to answer questions.
  • Use negotiation and persuasion skills to agree on any changes to the documents you have presented.
  • Confirm the attendees’ understanding of the documents including any changes that are to be made.

 4. As the HR Manager you must train the Managers on how to implement the performance-development process. You must ensure they understand the revised Policies and Procedures and that each person has developed a professional development plan. You are to participate in a role play simulating the facilitation of a training session. Your session will need to be recorded and can be completed with at least three other people. This could include colleagues, other students, your assessor, or friends/family members. You will have 20 minutes to complete the training session, while your partners each play the role of a Gelos manager. You may present the information in a way that you deem most effective. During the training session, you are required to demonstrate the following:

  • Provide the attendees with a copy of the Performance Management Policy & Procedures.
  • Train the attendees in the Professional Development Policy & Procedures they have developed.
  • Discuss how to use KPI’s, coaching and rewards to:
  • Monitor performance.
  • Identify performance gaps.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Manage talent.
  • In relation to monitoring performance, discuss how to:
  • Monitor staff regularly, in organizational policies and legal requirements.
  • Intervene, in organizational policies and legal requirements.
  • Address below standard performance using coaching and if required counseling and discipline.
  • Brief attendees on dispute resolution processes.
  • Brief attendees on mediating processes.
  • Brief attendees on termination processes.
  • Brief attendees on storage and accessibility processes.
  • Ensure each attendee completes the Staff Training Sign-off form provided in, In addition to the above points, your assessor will also be looking to see that you can demonstrate the following:
  • Use appropriate language for the meeting attendees including appropriate tone, speed and volume of voice, and clear explanations.
  • Negotiation, influencing, and leadership skills to direct the discussion and reach agreement on the Performance Management Policies and Procedures, and respecting and acknowledging the views and opinions of others.
  • Effective verbal communication skills such as asking questions to indicate listening and to clarify understanding, paraphrasing, and summarising discussions and decisions.
  • Effective non-verbal communication skills include nodding to indicate listening, smiling and friendly positive facial expressions, making eye contact, maintaining personal space and using appropriate hand gestures.

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