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Subject Code : BBS205-BHM205
Country : Australia
Assignment Task:


Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1,2 
This assignment should include: Students are not supposed to write in first person. 
• Cover page (include student name, student id, word count, subject name and code, title of the assessment and lecture day/time)

Introduction: Choose any job description from Seek or other job-related websites. Make sure you choose the entire list of specifics.

• Tell us what you are writing about and why? Maybe a sentence or two about what to expect/what the findings are. For eg: if you write about qualifications, why do you think a particular degree is given importance in terms of a particular job? Why is one skill more important than the other? You could back up your analysis with journal articles.

• Describe the job itself (the title of the job, who is advertising it, salary etc)

• Rank and explain the tasks/responsibilities. Justify your ranking. Explain why you choose to give one task more importance over the other for the chosen job description.

• The employment criteria: describe the criteria in brief. Important: Explain why certain factors/skills listed in the criteria are essential and important to the organisation.

• Find the important stakeholders for the company and explain their interest in the company affairs.

• Find which department has advertised this job (accounts/finance/marketing/ HR and so on)

• Find the KRAs and KPIs that might be linked with the job advertised and how certain skills relate to these KRAs and KPIs. How would these KRAs be achieved? How would they affect the KPIs?

• Conclusion • A mix of academic and non-academic references.

• Reference list in Harvard referencing style: minimum of 5 reference 
Student Subject Outline

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