Subject Code : AGRI4407
Country : Australia
Assignment Task:


Choose one of the topics given and write an essay paying particular attention to any questions asked and points to consider listed for each topic. The steps outlined below will help guide you through the assignment. 

The purpose of writing the essay is to develop your skills in integrating information. It is a mini- literature review. 

In reviewing the literature, it is important to identify your own conclusions rather than repeat the ideas already presented in published work. A good literature review INTEGRATES rather than just RECORDS information. In this assignment you will have an opportunity to learn and practice skills that will be useful in generating interesting and original contributions to any area of research. 

Analyse the topic

Make sure you understand the aim of the essay. Using your own ideas and information from lectures and labs, make a list of various components of the topic; these can be used as subheadings to guide your reading and will change as you read. 

Identify the key points and prepare a tentative plan with key points organised in a logical order. Group related subjects together, put the most important or most convincing first, or organise them in a particular sequence. 


Identify the resources you have available, such as lecture and lab notes, articles, government departments, libraries and people. Direct your reading and questioning to the key points rather than reading everything you find. Make notes that are relevant to the questions you are asking and the points you wish to make. Always note where your information comes from - the person and date, titles of books, journals articles, page numbers and all details needed for the reference list at the end of your essay. 


Start writing before you have finished researching! This will clarify your thinking and make your reading more efficient. Re-state the topic in your own words to show the reader exactly what you will be writing about. Draft the introduction last if necessary - it must be clear and convincing, stating the approach you intend to take to the topic. 

Each paragraph contains a step in the sequence of your essay. Each step states an idea, followed by evidence from examples and reading. Begin each paragraph with a clear statement of the key point. Ideally, if you ran a highlighting pen over the first statement of each paragraph you would see a series of statements leading logically from the introduction to the conclusion, making obvious the complete argument or point of view. Use illustrations and tables where they clarify your text. Prepare and label them clearly. (Notice how they are presented in the text you read and follow those examples). 

The conclusion should clinch your argument by summarising the key points, convincing the reader of your approach to the topic. 

In your first draft, aim to make your ideas clear. Expression is only clear when thoughts are clear. Then check that your presentation is professional: free of errors in spelling and punctuation. Expect to write a number of drafts before the final one. Read the essay aloud to ensure sentences make sense and ask someone else to proof-read after you have checked everything. 

Write concisely. A short essay is better than a rambling one. Keep within the word limit if one is suggested. 

At the end of your essay list all the references you cited in the text. Choose a format for listing references and then keep it consistent throughout the reference section.


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