Subject Code : 7CS083
Country : Sweden

Assignment Task


For this assessment you are required to design and build a simulation (i.e., a virtual environment) and an intelligent virtual agent (e.g., a virtual robot that uses the virtual environment) that will plan routes through an environment, move along the planned routes and act and react to its environment. By the end of this task, you will have created a software simulator that simulates a virtual environment and an intelligent agent.


The agent you create should be able to navigate a waypoint graph representation of your virtual environment (see the “Agents Virtual Environment Representation” section below for details). The agent should be able to move from a start location and navigate (using the A* pathfinding algorithm) to another node on the waypoint graph (e.g., a delivery location). When the agent has reached their target, they should return to the start location. Once core functionality has been implemented you should enhance the agent by extending its abilities. 

  • Navigate to more locations once the agent has returned to the start location.

  • Goal location(s) could be selectable in the Unity editor or at runtime (e.g., improve the robustness of the implementation). The agent could find the goal location(s) in the scene and move to one, then move back to the start.

  • Your agent could have multiple start locations (e.g., improve the robustness of the implementation). The agent could move to a goal and back to the start. It would then move to the next start location and move to the goal.

  • Your agent could respond to events in the environment (e.g., stop at traffic lights or unforeseen obstacles in its way).

  • Your agent could respond to other instances of itself in the environment. For example, slowdown and avoid each other.

  • You could extend or create a new path cost and/or heuristic function. For example, you could incorporate time in the path cost and heuristic calculation. This would allow the agent to consider time taken as part of its problem-solving process. This type of problem-solving agent should be.

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