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RORBwin is a rainfall-runoff routing model for flood hydrograph estimation. The model has been widely used in Australia for engineering design, flood mitigation and floodplain management. The model has four parameters, namely, initial loss (IL, mm), continuous loss rate or proportional loss (%), an exponent (m), and a coefficient, kc. The Bulimba Creek catchment covers 122 km⊃2; of Brisbane’s area) and is one of the city’s largest creek catchments. It encompasses more than of Brisbane’s southern and eastern suburbs. A small portion of the upper catchment is within Logan City, where it includes parts of Underwood and Rochedale South. Bulimba Creek commences in the low plateaus of Sunnybank and Runcorn (west catchment) and Kuraby (east catchment) and flows in a northerly direction to the Brisbane River at Aquarium Passage, Murarrie. The main waterway has eight major tributaries: Bulimba Creek East, Bulimba Creek West, Mimosa Creek, Spring Creek, Salvin Creek, Phillips Creek, Tingalpa Creek and Lindum Creek. There are also a number of significant wetlands systems in the catchment, including Runcorn Wetlands in the upper catchment and Numgubbah, Tingalpa, Doboy and Lindum Wetlands in the lower catchment. Figure 1 shows a schematic of Bulimba Creek Catchment.


Note of the tools which the descriptions are bold. They are you best friends when using GE. Also note that all these options plus more are available from the top line menu bar. Select “Add a node” and then click somewhere on the white space below. On the popped-up window, leave the node type as. Sub-area centroid”, but feel free to explore other options and notice the changes of fields underneath of node type as you change it. If you have changed the node type to anything but “1. Sub-area centroid”, reverse to this node type. A sub-area (also commonly known as sub-catchment) must have a name. Let’s call this Sub-area A. As this is representative of an area, it must have a number greater than 0 assigned to its size. Let’s say 1 km2 . Leave the rest un-changed and press OK. Repeat the same process to create more nodes as presented in Table 1 and below screenshot.


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