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Subject Code : 6205ENG
Country : Australia

Assignment Task 


Krustralia Development Group is proposing to develop an area of land within Brisbane. Brisbane City Council has asked the developer to provide a Site Based Stormwater Management Plan (SBMSP) for the operational (ie. post-construction) phase of the proposed development, demonstrating how the site will achieve Brisbane City Council rsquo's Water Quality Objectives. You have been asked by the developer to prepare the SBSMP.

SBSMP Information

  • Project Description (ie. information describing the proposed development).
  • Site characteristics (eg. topography/drainage, existing/proposed land use, soils/groundwater info).
  • Opportunities and constraints for stormwater treatment (eg. topography, contamination).
  • Definition of Water Quality Objectives (WQOs).
  • Modeling methodology (eg. land-use classifications, source node information, meteorological data).
  • Proposed treatment train, including information on the proposed SMMs such as location/ layout/ dimensions.
  • MUSIC modeling results show that the proposed stormwater treatment strategy meets the given WQOs.

Water Quality Objectives

The proposed stormwater management strategy must achieve the following objectives:

  1. 90% removal of gross pollutants.

  2. 80% reduction in total suspended solids loads.

  3. 60% removal of total phosphorus loads.

  4. 45% removal of total nitrogen loads.

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